Etiquette for Brides-to-be in Los Angeles, CA when Visiting Bridal Shops

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Bridal Salon Etiquette

bridal shopWedding should not just about wedding caterer and venue, you also need to plan for your dress. Bridal consultants provide all the information and help you need when you visit their store and shop for wedding dresses. They can guide you in choosing which dress best suits your body size and shape, from the fabric, length, train, veil, necklines, etc. While they are indeed equipped with the skills and knowledge, they want to tell every woman visiting bridal shops in Los Angeles, CA or Winnie Couture wedding salon about the things they need to know.

There is some unspoken etiquette for bridal consultants and customers, just like in any other retail interaction. Yet, there is a set of rules, specifically when visiting bridal shops and trying on wedding dresses.

On top of the list is to avoid trying on too many wedding dresses. Yes the bridal stores are haven for different wedding dress collections from many dress designers. However, you need to know that you are not the only bride-to-be who needs assistance in looking for ‘the gown’. Shopping for a wedding dress is supposed to be exciting and fun, and not stressful and tiresome. You will be overwhelmed in trying on too many dresses in Winnie Couture Salon and can lead you to feel frustrated, as you can’t decide which the best is.

What every bride-to-be must also remember is to keep their group of company limited. It is great to hear opinions from your friends, on how you look like in this and that dress, but it can be overwhelming too. In the end, you can’t make your own decision because they have different opinion for each dress you tried. Choose one or two friends whom opinions you think are honest and just. If you bring five or more people with you, it’s like bringing your entourage.

A very important etiquette for brides-to-be who are planning to visit bridal shops in Los Angeles, CA is to make an appointment. There are no reports yet of bridal stores that have been reported for declining or rejecting customers from trying on wedding dresses. However, with an appointment made, you can avoid waiting in line and you will have a secured spot and a bridal consultant will provide utmost attention to your needs.

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