Destination Wedding Alert: Shopping Tips for Atlanta, GA Wedding Dresses

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How to Get a Dress for a Destination Wedding

Wedding planning process is really full of excitement, especially when the bride is about to choose her dress in Winnie Couture wedding boutique. There are a number of wedding dresses in Atlanta, GA that you can purchase, but if your wedding will be held abroad, the decision making will be slightly affected.

Wedding DressIf you will be purchasing a dress for a destination, here are some of the professional reminders that wedding experts want you to remember:

Always keep in mind the destination: You cannot wear a full blown A-line dress when your destination wedding location is a beach. As much as possible, your dress should echo the overall theme of the location. If you will have a beach wedding, choose a design that is made of airy chiffon particularly the one with ruffles; ruffled dresses are perfect for sea breeze. You can choose a shift dress if your destination is one of the old castles in Europe.

Transporting the dress: Standard destination  at Winnie Couture wedding salon are airy and light. It means that you don’t need to purchase a thick long train dress for a wedding abroad. Make sure that the dress is slim, so you can easily transport it. Dresses that you should avoid are ball gowns and princess style. Don’t let your gown transport give you a nightmare.

Do not forget the weather: If you booked a wedding in England, it does not mean that your location is cold and wintery. There are locations that are bright and warm. But if you booked an outdoor wedding venue, it is a must that you have at least prepared for the weather. Wearing informal dresses will let you move freely during the wedding catering party.

If you happen to book in Caribbean, choose organza and chiffon fabrics. Please make sure that you are well prepared with the weather. Cold climate will require dresses that have extra layers and fabric for insulation.

Whether you will be getting married locally or abroad, the selection of wedding dresses in Atlanta, GA is not that different. The most important feature of a destination wedding dress is it’s convenient to wear especially that you will be constantly moving. Do not forget to consult stylists of Winnie Couture Salon if you want more information.

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