How Wedding Venues in Hotels in Cotulla Could Have Southern Theme

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Tips to Create a Southern Feel to Your Wedding

When you’ve decided to get married in one of the wedding venues in hotels in Cotulla, you might want to have a southern feel to your celebration considering the fact that you’re tying the knot in this part of the state.

Wedding VenueHere are 8 ways on how to add a southern feel to your big day. Incorporate these ideas into your wedding preparations and enjoy a successful wedding fair.

  1. A Southern wedding is often characterized by having a formal affair. This is because Southerners want their guests to feel at home. Consider preparing a classic setting under an age-old oak for your venue or reception. Make sure that the catering service is appropriate.
  2. Be lavish with the flowers. Use every kinds of roses you can find to have a lovely Southern wedding. Pick garden roses, tuberose, spray roses and succulents on your centerpiece design together with elements of greens and cottons.
  3. Highlight your theme with cotton. Since cotton is a staple of the Southerners, add a sense of whimsy-ness to your wedding by pulling cotton through your designs.
  4. Incorporate timeless family pieces to your wedding decorations. Whether it could be candle holder from your ancestors, silver pieces and teapots from your grandparents, you can add a personal and homey touch to your ambiance when you use these things.
  5. When setting up centerpieces, make sure that they’re low enough to ensure that your guests could comfortably converse over them. Use local pots for the flower containers.
  6. To give your table a feeling of warmth and coziness, use wooden charges. After the wedding, you may also use charges as part of your wedding memorabilia.
  7. Like mentioned above, Southerners love to feel at home anywhere they go. Ask the wedding venues in hotels in Cotulla to prepare a long table where your guests can sit in a single long line. Your guests will surely love for it reminisces an intimate family gathering in
  8. Lastly, create a visual interest to your table set up by placing locale flowers under silver pitchers or glass domes. This is extremely romantic when added with silver candles to light up the place during the dinner.

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